Newsletter: January 30th

In this week's newsletter: 
1. Member Learning
2. Exec Meeting
3. Fair Trade February
4. Carnival of Solidarity
5. Fair Trade Fact of the Week

Member Learning

This week at Member Learning we will be watching Kumva Neza: Where the Land of Living Skies Meets the Land of a Thousand Hills, a documentary produced by Room for Improvement Youth Development. Meet us in 1B79 at 6pm on Thursday to watch this incredible film set in the small community of Ruli, Rwanda.

Exec Meeting

 The exec will be meeting at 7pm on Thursday. You are, as always, welcome to join.

Fair Trade February

Starting February 1st the USask chapter of EWB will be taking on the University of Calgary in the Fair Trade February Challenge. The winner of this challenge will be the chapter that has the most members committed to buying Fair Trade coffee, tea and chocolate throughout the month of February.

Interested in helping us smoke the U of C while showing your commitment to a better world? Send an email to outreach@usask.ewb

Carnival of Solidarity

This Friday, the International Studies Students Association will be hosting their annual Carnival of Solidarity. The event brings together non-profit, student and community organizations involved with social justice, environmental and peace keeping issues. For more information, check out their event

Fair Trade Fact of the Week

Fair Trade is about making changes to conventional trade – a system while frequently fails to deliver sustainable livelihoods and opportunities for people in the poorest countries in the world. Fair Trade’s goal is to change the terms of trade for the products we buy from developing countries – guaranteeing that the farmers and artisans producing our goods are getting a better deal. It not only includes providing a better price for producers, but looks to build long-term, meaningful trade relationships. To learn more about Fair Trade, visit


In other news, the U of S is celebrating International Research and Development this week. There are an incredible number of events, films, and panels throughout the week, ranging from a panel discussion on international migration to a free exhibition at the Snelgrove gallery focusing on human drama in Gaza. For a full list of events, click on this link


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