Newsletter: March 14th

In this week's newsletter: 
1. Member Learning
2. EWB Week
3. Pi Throw
4. School  Outreach
5. Gala Meeting
6. Exec Meeting
7. New Exec

Member Learning

Payton will be leading Member Learning in 1B79 at 6pm on Thursday. The entire session will be an in-depth simulation of the Agricultural System in Zambia. The goal of the workshop is to show the challenges faced by farmers, corporations, and everyone in between. The simulation will be followed by a discussion of EWB's work in Agricultural Value Chains, and the concept of market facilitation versus the 'traditional aid' approach. This simulation will only work if we have a good turnout, so everybody mark your calendars and bring a buddy or two!

EWB Week

  On Sunday, March 20th, we will be hitting the streets on Broadway to talk to the public about EWB’s ACT Campaign. Head to to learn about the campaign; any questions will be answered at Member Learning.

Pi Throw

Pi Throw, an annual event ran by the SESS, will be running next week from Tuesday March 22nd to Wednesday March 24th. As EWB receives half of the proceeds from this event, we are looking for volunteers to help deliver pies! If you have any spare time between 9 and 4 on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, please reply to this email with your availability. More information will be emailed out to volunteers.

If you’d like to send a pie to someone for the low price of $10, head to or stop by the SESS office.

School Outreach

EWB Usask has received funding from Saskwater to do Water for the World presentations in several rural Saskatchewan communities! Many of the locations can be visited in day trips but we’ll also be doing a 2-3 day road trip. We’re hoping to get most of these presentations done in April and we’ll need many volunteers. If you’re interested in getting involved, please fill in your availability in the doodle below. Remember, no experience is necessary!

By offering your availability you’re not committing at this point. We’re just trying to get a feel for the best presentation dates. Please email with any questions!

Gala Meeting

There will be a meeting tonight (Monday) at 7pm in the EWB office to plan for our annual Gala, which will take place on Friday April 1st.


Exec Meeting

The exec will be meeting at 7pm on Thursday after Member Learning. Feel free to join.

New Executive

Congratulations to our new executive for 2011-2012!

School Outreach / Youth Engagement: Alanna Howell and Curtis Theoret
Fundraising: Raquel Vigueras
Global Engineering: Seth Dueck and Curtis Theoret
Recruitment: Bryce Geeraert
BBQ Director: John McClean
Finance: James Wattam
African Program Staff Connections: Steve Hanson
Member Learning: Stephanie Laing
President: Erin Placatka


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