Newsletter: March 20th

In this week's newsletter: 
1. Member Learning
2. Pi Throw
3. Run to End Poverty
4. Exec Meeting

Member Learning

Treadle pumps. Can they be effective if properly implemented? Are they appropriate technology to promote development? Join us in 1B79 on Thursday at 6pm to find out!*

*We may or may not actually have an answer to that one, but the discussion is guaranteed to be riveting.

Pi Throw

Pi Throw starts on Tuesday, and we are still looking for more volunteers! We need people on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday between the hours of 9 and 5; you can volunteer for as little as an hour. Please respond to this email for more information or to volunteer, or sign up on the coke machine in the Engineering Lounge.

Run to End Poverty

What are you doing on May 29th, 2011? Interested in joining a group of inspired EWB’ers for a 10k, half marathon, or full marathon in the Saskatchewan Marathon?

We hope to assemble a team of local runners who will take the race by storm, orange t-shirts and all! All runners are strongly encouraged to set a fundraising goal, with all proceeds going to support EWB’s African Programs.

Best of all, the race will be paired up with Agriculture Value Chains in Zambia, where EWB volunteers are working hard to create positive change within partner organizations and communities. The opportunity to raise awareness and support for EWB is tremendous!

Join us today by signing up at


Exec Meeting

The exec will be meeting, as usual, after Member Learning on Thursday. 

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