Newsletter: March 28th

In this week's newsletter: 
1. Member Learning
2. Simple Ideas for a Better Place
3. Exec Meeting
4. BBQ

Member Learning

At this week’s Member Learning we will be watching Ted Talks by two Ghanaians on leadership, education and the future of Africa. Join us in 1B79 on Thursday at 6pm to watch the videos and participate in a discussion.

Simple Ideas for a Better Place

Simple Ideas for a Better Place (part of the i^3 Challenge) is looking for EWB members to lead a one-hour workshop on Wednesday April 6th at 7pm. If you’re interested, email Alanna at for more information!

Exec Meeting

As always, the exec will be meeting on Thursday evening at 7pm.



It’s the second last BBQ of the year! Be sure to stop by between the hours of 10:30 and 1pm to grab a Tasty Burger or help out with sales.

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