Newsletter: April 4th

In this week's newsletter: 
1. Member Learning
2. Last BBQ Ever*

Member Learning

This week at Member Learning we would like to thank all of you for your support and commitment throughout the year! We’ll be reminiscing and celebrating our accomplishments, and I’ve heard rumours of things that start with “c” and end with “ake.” Don’t miss out on free food and good company; join us in 1B79 at 6pm on Thursday for the final Member Learning of the year!

Last BBQ Ever*

The last Friday of classes marks the end of another successful year of EWB BBQs. As you finish up last minute assignments and trudge to your last few classes, make sure to take a break and grab an ewb burger to get you through the day. In the event of an apocalypse or a sudden beef shortage, you’ll regret not having one final tasty burger. More realistically, it’s a long wait until September.

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*If by "ever" you mean “until next September.”