Update from Zambia

Hey EWBers!

Stephanie, one of our junior fellows, sent an update of her experiences in Zambia for me to pass on. Before I get to the update, for those that don’t know, the U of S EWB chapter sent two volunteers (Stephanie Laing and Raquel Vigueras) over to Zambia this summer. To find out what both of them are doing overseas follow their always awesome blogs at http://stephaniewithoutborders.wordpress.com/ and http://raquelwithoutborders.wordpress.com/. And email them at stephaniea.laing@gmail.com and raquel.vigueras@gmail.com because they are always excited hearing from everyone back home! Now on to the update from Steph:

Hey guys I’m sitting in a hotel room with a reliable source of electricity so I figured that I’d send the chapter a message and just to make you jealous… Zambia is amazing! I’ll tell you all about it when I get back but in the mean time I need some stuff from you guys. - I’ve been posting a blog about my work and some of my daily experiences but is there anything you want to see or want me to talk about? Pictures, stories, question (intuitive and superficial), or anything else. - What do you guys want to see in a member learning session next year. It’s easier for me to get stuff together here rather than wish I had pics or videos when I get back home. If you can’t think of anything I have some ideas so don’t worry. - How was Western Retreat for those who went? I want an update of what you guys did/learned and any/all shinanagins. - Do you want me to bring anything back from Africa? I’m thinking of bringing a bunch of souvenirs for fundraisers/gala but if you want something specifically let me know. (be reasonable I can’t bring back any elephants…)

Don’t be afraid to keep in touch. I may not get back to you asap but I will get back to you. Hope everyone else’s summer is going as well as mine ;) Steph