Event: Aid Transparency Black Box, October 16-17th

Hey Everyone! We have a big public outreach event coming up, so any help from the chapter is greatly appreciated. Information about how you can help is below. Today (Sunday October 16th) we will be setting up for EWB's Canada wide "Black Box" Event. We will need plenty of hand to help setup starting at 5:00pm tomorrow. If you have any time to help out on Sunday evening that would be greatly appreciated. On Monday (October 17th) we are asking those walking though the bowl to: 1) Sign a post card to Bev Oda (the Minister of International Cooperation for Canadian International Development Agency) and  2) Hear a little about the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI). We need as many people as possible helping out for this to be a big success. Wear an orange shirt if you have one and if not there will be extra available. Clean-up will be Monday afternoon at 3:00pm and we need to return the bowl back to its original pristine condition or EWB will be charged for the clean up. Remember guys, we want to be Chapter of the Year this year and we've always had a hard time pulling off big outreach events. Now with all the proper paperwork and supplies in place we have no excuses for this to be nothing less than awesome! I hope to see everyone out there and even if you feel like you don't know enough about IATI to talk to someone about it there will be veteran EWBers around to help you out. For more information about IATI check out http://www.aidtransparency.net/ If you have any questions feel free to reply.