Newsletter: November 22nd

In this week's newsletter: 
1. Member Learning
2. Perspectives Challenge
3. Coffee Sales


Member Learning

Super Hero Training

At Member Learning this week, come learn how you can get from good to great, kid-in-spandex to super hero, average mortal to god-like - by focusing on your strengths. Identify your best self and start leverging your strengths using the Strengths-Based approach to Personal Development. If you're not already counting down the hours to Thursday night, participants may be rewarded with chocolate (delicious, Fair Trade chocolate).

Come be a hero this Thursday @ 6pm in Agriculture 1e85 

Perspective Challenge

The EWB Perspectives challenge is under way and if we raise $20,000 this week, EWB board member and long-time supporter Shayne Smith will match it! This is an awesome challenge for our whole organization to take on as we share our perspectives in a massive attempt to engage Canadians with our ideas and insights into development and social change. Anyone can create a perspective, whether you have been a chapter president for more than a year or just signed up to our mailing list yesterday. And anyone can donate. Contribute to the campaign in your own way and have your impact doubled this week:


Coffee Sales

Fair trade coffee sales are up and running again! Coffee is being sold on the first floor in engineering every morning. Come get your caffeine fix before starting your day!  Small cups (and refilling your mug) will cost $1 and large cups will cost $1.25.