Newsletter: February 7th

In this week's newsletter:
1. Presidential Elections
2. Member Learning

Presidential Elections

This week is the start of the elections for our chapter’s 2012-2013 President. On Thursday, February 9 @ 6pm (Agriculture 2e25) our applicants will be giving brief speeches and doing a Q&A period. You can check out the attached files to see Payton Byrns’ and Alanna Howell’s applications. This year we will be doing an online poll to record the votes. The poll will open up this Thursday night and will stay open until the night of February 15th. To be eligible to vote you must register. At member Learning this week we will be compiling a list of registered voters. If you can’t make it to the Member Learning but still want to vote for next year’s president you will need to email Steph ( with your full name and email address.

To Summarize:
1. Read attached applications
2.Come to Member Learning to listen to presidential speeches and Q&A session
3. Register to vote. Register at member learning or email Steph
4. Vote online.

Member Learning

So for those of you that came last week and noticed that Sydney wasn’t presenting…you were right. Those of you that missed last meeting you’ll now have another chance to attend her presentation! Right after the Presidential Elections, Sydney will be conducting her WatSan workshop. Again, Thursday, February 9 @ 6pm (Agriculture 2e25).