Newsletter – Jan. 27

Good evening,

EWB USask has big news for you. At our strategic planning meeting this weekend, we decided to move the chapter in a different direction. We will be transitioning to a chapter structure that is more focused and team-based. Teams consisting of people with common well-defined goals will take on ventures that work towards those goals. At the start of each Member Learning session, there will be an opportunity for members to share ideas they have for a venture and for other members to join them.

We have also rebranded our “executive meetings” to “group huddles” to make it more clear that everyone is welcome to attend. Our group huddles will be a time of action planning after Member Learning on Tuesdays. Teams will have time to move forward in their ventures and get feedback from the group! We are very excited to be restructuring our chapter and hope to be more efficient and effective.

If you missed the strategic planning meeting on Saturday, you can open the attachment in this email to view the meeting minutes.

At the upcoming Member Learning we will be hearing about what one of our new venture teams is doing to incorporate global engineering on campus. They look forward to hearing your thoughts and questions.

See you at member learning (6-7pm) and group huddle (7-8pm) on Tuesday in Agriculture 1E79!