Chapter Get-Together with Mark Boots (who is briefly home from Ghana!)

Hello friends!

Exciting news....

Mark Boots, who is a University of Saskatchewan and EWB USask alumnus, is back home in Saskatoon briefly this summer before heading back to Ghana to continue with his work on the Voto Mobile venture with EWB.

We are trying to schedule an evening for a chapter get-together with Mark, hopefully to take place before August 8th.

If you know Mark, this will be a great chance to re-connect while he is in the city. If not, this will be a great chance to meet Mark and to learn more about the Voto Mobile venture of EWB.

I have set up a Doodle where everyone can fill in their availability so we can pick a date that allows us to get as many people together as possible.

The link for the poll is

Location is still TBA, but we will let people know as soon as we have settled on a date.

Please fill out the poll ASAP, and we'll see you soon!