Newsletter: Oct. 21st (Meetings Rescheduled)

Our meetings scheduled for tonight have been CANCELLED due to closure of classes and non-critical services on campus. Instead, we will be having Member Learning at 6pm and Group Huddle at 7pm on Tuesday, October 22nd. Please meet at the EWB office (ENG 1C03).

Member Learning This Week:

On October 22nd, we will dive into the intriguing topic of the Root Causes of Poverty.

This session is based on work that our Overseas Volunteers really do – and is a simplified version of a real session in our pre-departure training session.

The purpose of this session is to put you for a moment, in the shoes of one of our long-term overseas volunteers. The first thing that we ask our Overseas Volunteers to do is to go to the communities where they are working, to live with them, and to understand, in their words, the challenges that they face.

The next thing that our volunteers do is try to piece together the causes and effects of poverty in their particular community. That is what we are going to ask you to do at the Member Learning session today.

We have put together a hypothetical – but very typical – example of the life led by a rural farmer in Africa – in this case, Ziem Der, a resident of Tabe Ere, in Northern Ghana. 

Member Learning Next Week:

October 28th - Admitting Failure/ Failing Forward

Upcoming Events and Deadlines:

October 24th, 25th, 28th, 29th -Fair Trade Halloween Candy Gram Sale

Buy a candy gram for your boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, professor, or anyone else on campus! Candy grams will be filled with fair trade chocolate and candy and will be delivered on Oct. 31. We will be selling outside the EWB office (across from the engineering lounge). Costs are $1 for a mini bag, $3 for a regular bag or 2/$5, and $5 for a jumbo bag.

October 25thJunior Fellow Applications Deadline

For an opportunity to work with EWB overseas, apply at by October 25th.

Please contact Brett Smith at if you have any questions.