Newsletter: Nov. 17

Join us on Mondays in Agriculture 1E79 for our weekly meetings! Member Learning sessions start at 6pm and our Group Huddle planning meetings follow at 7pm.

Member Learning This Week:

Nov. 18thTRACE & Publish What You Pay

Come and find out more about why the extractive sector should be more transparent about payments made to governments and what you can do to influence change in this area. EWB’s first Transparent and Accountable Extractives (TRACE) campaign spike will be running from November 18th to December 6th.  

Upcoming Events:

November 22nd – “Around the World” Pub Crawl

Represent your favourite country by wearing the country’s colours or traditional dress! This might be your last chance to party before final exam season…do so while you can and support EWB at the same time! Tickets are $10 and will be available for sale tomorrow at our meeting and all week in the SESS office.

Newsletter: Nov. 4

Member Learning This Week:

On Nov. 4th, our member learning session will have a focus on personal development. We will be running a workshop called Intentional Decision-Making and Prioritization. The goals of the workshop are to:

  • Develop an appreciation for your natural preferences in decision-making and prioritization
  • Learn about different factors that influence your decisions, including intellect/emotion, important/urgent, and quality/quantity of work
  • Understand when to leverage your natural preferences… and when (and how) to flex outside of them 

Member learning starts at 6pm and group huddle follows at 7pm in Agriculture 1E79.

Next Week:

There will be no member learning session or group huddle on Nov. 11th.  

Upcoming Events:

November 7thSettlers of Catan Tournament

  • Time: 6 pm
  • Place: SESS Lounge
  • Entry fee: $5 (Pay at the door)

This Thursday, play Settlers of Catan while enjoying burgers, drinks, and a chance to win prizes! For more information on tournament logistics, go to

Newsletter: Oct. 28th

Member Learning:

Tonight, we are going to be talking about admitting failure in the chapter’s activities and in EWB as an organization. We will take a look at the chapter’s first failure report, which was written last year and was featured in September’s Annual EWB Gala. Hopefully we can help improve the chapter’s activities this year through this learning process! Member Learning starts at 6pm and Group Huddle follows at 7pm in Agriculture 1E79.

Upcoming Events:

October 28th, 29thFair Trade Halloween Candy Gram Sale

Buy a candy gram for your boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, professor, or anyone else on campus! Candy grams will be filled with fair trade chocolate and candy and will be delivered on Oct. 31. We will be selling on the 2nd floor of Engineering. Costs are $1 for a mini bag, $3 for a regular bag or 2/$5, and $5 for a jumbo bag.

November 7thSettlers of Catan Tournament

Play Catan while enjoying burgers, drinks, and a chance to win prizes! More details to follow.

November 22nd – “Around the World” Pub Crawl

Dress up as your favourite country! Tickets will be $10.

Newsletter: Oct. 21st (Meetings Rescheduled)

Our meetings scheduled for tonight have been CANCELLED due to closure of classes and non-critical services on campus. Instead, we will be having Member Learning at 6pm and Group Huddle at 7pm on Tuesday, October 22nd. Please meet at the EWB office (ENG 1C03).

Member Learning This Week:

On October 22nd, we will dive into the intriguing topic of the Root Causes of Poverty.

This session is based on work that our Overseas Volunteers really do – and is a simplified version of a real session in our pre-departure training session.

The purpose of this session is to put you for a moment, in the shoes of one of our long-term overseas volunteers. The first thing that we ask our Overseas Volunteers to do is to go to the communities where they are working, to live with them, and to understand, in their words, the challenges that they face.

The next thing that our volunteers do is try to piece together the causes and effects of poverty in their particular community. That is what we are going to ask you to do at the Member Learning session today.

We have put together a hypothetical – but very typical – example of the life led by a rural farmer in Africa – in this case, Ziem Der, a resident of Tabe Ere, in Northern Ghana. 

Member Learning Next Week:

October 28thAdmitting Failure/ Failing Forward

Upcoming Events and Deadlines:

October 24th, 25th, 28th, 29thFair Trade Halloween Candy Gram Sale

Buy a candy gram for your boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, professor, or anyone else on campus! Candy grams will be filled with fair trade chocolate and candy and will be delivered on Oct. 31. We will be selling outside the EWB office (across from the engineering lounge). Costs are $1 for a mini bag, $3 for a regular bag or 2/$5, and $5 for a jumbo bag.

October 25thJunior Fellow Applications Deadline

For an opportunity to work with EWB overseas, apply at by October 25th.

Please contact Brett Smith at if you have any questions.

Newsletter: Oct. 7th

Newsletter Items This Week:

  1. Pub Lounge Event
  2. Member Learning

Pub Lounge Event

On Friday, EWB had a great time partnering with the SESS for the Pub Lounge event. Thank you to all who came!

Member Learning

On October 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18th, EWB chapters and networks across the country will be hosting “phone-ins” where people will telephone MP offices at their nearest riding, requesting that we want to see substantial reforms to Canada’s foreign assistance this year.

Tonight, our Member Learning session will be devoted to the rationale behind the phone-in event. Our aim is to bring chapter members, and anyone else interested in improving Canada’s aid, up to speed regarding EWB’s aid reform campaign.

Tonight’s session will be one hour and will cover the following:

  • A brief overview of EWB
  • Our past campaigns with aid reform
  • Phone-in Campaign details

Upcoming Member Learning topics:

  • Oct. 14 – No meeting (Thanksgiving Holiday)
  • Oct. 21 – Root Causes of Poverty
  • Oct. 28 – Admitting Failure/ Failing Forward

Come to Agriculture 1E79 at 6pm tonight for Member Learning and stay for our Group Huddle planning meeting to follow at 7pm!

Lounge Pub Tonight!

Wondering what to do this Friday night? After the Husky Blackout Game, join EWB at the SESS Lounge Pub!Time: 10pm-12amPlace: Saskatchewan Engineering Student Society (SESS) Lounge in the Engineering Building on campusCost: No cover cost$3 beer$4 highba…

Updates and Reminders

On Friday, September 27th, EWB USask hosted our Annual Development Gala at The Willows Golf and Country Club. It was a great opportunity to interact with students, university faculty, and engineering firms and learn together about failing forward by learning from past failures.

Our weekly Member Learning meeting will be happening once again on Monday at 6 pm in Agriculture 1E79. James Wattam will be sharing his experience of working in Malawi this past summer with EWB’s Water and Sanitation venture. We always welcome new members to EWB, as everyone brings unique skills and talents that will help us further our work as a chapter.

Applications for the Junior Fellowship program open TOMORROW! It is a 16-month internship; 4 months are spent working with one of EWB’s ventures in Africa over the summer, and the remaining time is spent here in Saskatoon, contributing to positive change within the university community. For more information visit

Lastly, do you want to become a Global Engineering Ninja? EWB works to enhance engineering curriculum to better prepare engineers to succeed in the cross-cultural, multi-disciplinary contexts that characterize the 21st century. If you would like to learn more about this program, contact or stop by the EWB office.

Member Learning: Sept 23rd

Last week, EWB had our first meeting of the school year and enjoyed meeting everyone who joined us. If you didn’t make it to the last meeting, you won’t want to miss this one. Brett Smith will be sharing his experience doing volunteer work in Ghana. For four months, he worked with Kulemela Investments, a unique social investment fund that promotes sustainable African development. Come to Agriculture 1E79 at 6pm tonight to find out more!

Reminder: Introductory Meeting Tonight

Hello EWBers,

Happy Monday! I say “Happy Monday” because starting today, Mondays are days when Engineers Without Borders has our team meetings.  Meetings take place in AGRI 1E79 and consist of two parts:

1) 6-7pm: Member Learning

  • A time to learn more about EWB and international development. Tonight is our introduction to EWB and getting to know each other.

2) 7-8pm: Group Huddle

  • A time to plan for action!

We realize people have busy schedules, so feel free to come even if you can only make it to part of the meetings.

Looking forward to seeing you there tonight!


Communications Coordinator

Newsletter – April 2

Good afternoon!Just a reminder to come to member learning tonight at 6 in Agriculture 1E79. Alanna will be leading the chapter in looking back at what we did during the school year and writing a failure report. We hope to learn from our mistakes and av…