Updates and Reminders

On Friday, September 27th, EWB USask hosted our Annual Development Gala at The Willows Golf and Country Club. It was a great opportunity to interact with students, university faculty, and engineering firms and learn together about failing forward by learning from past failures.

Our weekly Member Learning meeting will be happening once again on Monday at 6 pm in Agriculture 1E79. James Wattam will be sharing his experience of working in Malawi this past summer with EWB’s Water and Sanitation venture. We always welcome new members to EWB, as everyone brings unique skills and talents that will help us further our work as a chapter.

Applications for the Junior Fellowship program open TOMORROW! It is a 16-month internship; 4 months are spent working with one of EWB’s ventures in Africa over the summer, and the remaining time is spent here in Saskatoon, contributing to positive change within the university community. For more information visit juniorfellow.ewb.ca.

Lastly, do you want to become a Global Engineering Ninja? EWB works to enhance engineering curriculum to better prepare engineers to succeed in the cross-cultural, multi-disciplinary contexts that characterize the 21st century. If you would like to learn more about this program, contact alannahowell@ewb.ca or stop by the EWB office.

Member Learning: Sept 23rd

Last week, EWB had our first meeting of the school year and enjoyed meeting everyone who joined us. If you didn’t make it to the last meeting, you won’t want to miss this one. Brett Smith will be sharing his experience doing volunteer work in Ghana. For four months, he worked with Kulemela Investments, a unique social investment fund that promotes sustainable African development. Come to Agriculture 1E79 at 6pm tonight to find out more!

Reminder: Introductory Meeting Tonight

Hello EWBers,

Happy Monday! I say “Happy Monday” because starting today, Mondays are days when Engineers Without Borders has our team meetings.  Meetings take place in AGRI 1E79 and consist of two parts:

1) 6-7pm: Member Learning

  • A time to learn more about EWB and international development. Tonight is our introduction to EWB and getting to know each other.

2) 7-8pm: Group Huddle

  • A time to plan for action!

We realize people have busy schedules, so feel free to come even if you can only make it to part of the meetings.

Looking forward to seeing you there tonight!


Communications Coordinator

First Member Learning of 2013

Hello EWB USask,

The chapter is excited to be back for another year of systemic change and personal development! Our first meeting will be on Monday, September 16 at 6pm. We will be meeting in Agriculture 1E79 to introduce new members and alumni to the ever changing face of EWB.

We will be holding our Member Learnings regularly at this time and place, so join us another week if you can’t make it this time! We will be having presentations from our returned JF’s in the following weeks. Come learn about what these two EWBers did with their respective ventures over the summer!


Staying In Touch with our Junior Fellows in Africa!

Hello EWB USask,

I hope you are enjoying the summer heat! I wonder what the temperature is in Ghana…and in Malawi….???

There is now an easy way to find out.

Brett Smith is the University of Saskatchewan Junior Fellow currently working in Ghana with Kulemela Investments, a social impact investing firm that invests in mid-size African agricultural businesses to help them utilize excess capacity and develop their local economies.

I spoke with Brett last week, and he said that he would love to hear from people back home in Canada. You may reach him on his smartphone in Ghana at +233.242.447.939 and his email is brettsmith@ewb.ca. Brett has a blog at http://brettwithoutborders.wordpress.com/ , a Twitter  feed at https://twitter.com/brettsmith20 and he also has whatsapp. So let’s send the Canada love!


James Wattam is the University of Saskatchewan Junior Fellow currently working in Malawi with the Water and Sanitation Team of Engineers Without Borders. For more information about WatSan see his blog, or better yet call James!

James’ mobile number when calling from Canada is 00265998779371 and his email is jameswattam@ewb.ca. James has a blog at http://jameswattam.wordpress.com/  and a twitter feed at https://twitter.com/jgwattam. James has said that the best time to call from Canada is between 11 am and 1 pm Saskatchewan time, when it is evening in Malawi. This is likely similar for Brett.

Both James and Brett are heading into their last, most intense month of their placements. This is a time when it is especially important for them to know that the chapter is behind them all the way. Whether it is sending them an email, a text message, commenting on their blogs, or calling them, I know from my experience as a JF that it always brightens the day to know that someone in Canada is thinking about you.

Enjoy the sun!


Reminder of Turnover Retreat

Hey everyone!

I wanted to fire off a quick reminder that tonight we will be having our turnover retreat at 6:00 p.m. in the SESS Lounge. Furthermore, if you haven’t already done so, please fill out the attached Team Leader Application Form and submit it to  alannahowell@ewb.ca sometime today before 6:00 p.m. If you are interested in starting a new team, feel free to fill out an application for that as well!

See you all tonight at 6:00 in the SESS Lounge!


Team Leader Applications for 2013-2014 School Year

Hello all!

It is that time of year again, where we bring this school year to a close and start laying the foundations for a fantastic year next year. Naturally, this begins with defining the official leaders of the coming year’s teams.

With our new chapter team-based structure, anyone can easily join a chapter venture team and get to work. However, every team needs a leader to be accountable for team functioning and to keep things on track.

Please fill out the attached team leader application form, and email it back to Alanna at alannahowell@ewb.ca by 11:59 PM on Friday April 5th.

The attached application role lists the various teams which have existed within EWB in the past or which exist currently. If you are interested in starting a new team, feel free to submit a team leader application for that team. 

The roles within the chapter for the coming year will be finalized at our Turnover Retreat happening at 6 pm on Saturday, April 6th in the SESS office. All are welcome and strongly encouraged to attend! An effort will be made to keep the retreat as effective and efficient as possible in order to facilitate studying for finals.

As Gandhi said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”.


Alanna Howell


Newsletter – April 2

Good afternoon!Just a reminder to come to member learning tonight at 6 in Agriculture 1E79. Alanna will be leading the chapter in looking back at what we did during the school year and writing a failure report. We hope to learn from our mistakes and av…