Newsletter – Mar. 24

Hello all,

Hopefully everything is going well as classes start wrapping up. Below are some reminders and updates from the chapter!

Member Learning

Erin and Alyssa will be leading member learning this week on March 26th. During the session, “Even Super Heroes Work Better Together”, we’ll be exploring what it means to be a hero, designing an all-star team of superheroes, and delving into our own superhero alter egos.

Presidential Elections

Please welcome Alanna Howell as our new chapter president for the 2013-2014 school year!

World Water Day

On Friday, March 22nd, EWB led an activity at the Canadian Water Resources Association’s Student and Young Professional Seminar on water-related issues. Our activity was about governmental decentralization in Malawi and how it is affecting the water sector. Thanks to all those involved, it was a success and many good ideas were generated.

GE 121 Class

EWB is working with the staff involved in modifying the GE 121 class this term. Through our influence, a peer evaluation component has been implemented. In about a week, the concept of empathy maps will be introduced.

Run to End Poverty

Join the movement and run 10K, ½ marathon, or marathon in the Saskatchewan Marathon on Sunday May 26th, 2013.

Runners will be reimbursed for their race registration if they raise $300. Also, a retreat is in the making for April 31st, with Ayon Shahed from National Office in attendance.

For more information about Run to End Poverty, visit

SaskWater School Presentations

We are still looking for additional volunteers to help with school presentations. We are looking for people who are available weekdays in the months of April, May and June. Please contact Alanna if you are interested.

Newsletter – Mar. 11

Good afternoon EWBers!

Here are a few updates about what is going on in the chapter these days:

Presidential Elections – Elections for our new president will be taking place March 12-18th. Come out to member learning at 6pm on March 12th to hear candidates’ speeches! Also, join us in discussing what you want your role to be next school year during our group huddle at 7pm. The election results for our new president will be announced at member learning on March 19th.

Fairtrade – EWB will be doing a Fairtrade workshop at Buena Vista school on March 19th.

World Water Day – March 22nd is World Water Day. EWB will be leading an activity with the Canadian Water Resources Association to raise awareness about global water issues. 

Community Impact – Research is being conducted to look at organizations EWB is interested in volunteering with to create impact locally! Stay tuned for more information.

Run to End Poverty – USask EWBers will be running in the Saskatoon Marathon in May as part of a Canada-wide fundraiser called Run to End Poverty. Expect to hear more soon about how to get involved!

SaskWater School Tours – EWB is being sponsored by SaskWater to run water-related workshops with school-aged children this spring. Please contact Alanna at if you would like to help out.

Newsletter – Jan. 27

Good evening,

EWB USask has big news for you. At our strategic planning meeting this weekend, we decided to move the chapter in a different direction. We will be transitioning to a chapter structure that is more focused and team-based. Teams consisting of people with common well-defined goals will take on ventures that work towards those goals. At the start of each Member Learning session, there will be an opportunity for members to share ideas they have for a venture and for other members to join them.

We have also rebranded our “executive meetings” to “group huddles” to make it more clear that everyone is welcome to attend. Our group huddles will be a time of action planning after Member Learning on Tuesdays. Teams will have time to move forward in their ventures and get feedback from the group! We are very excited to be restructuring our chapter and hope to be more efficient and effective.

If you missed the strategic planning meeting on Saturday, you can open the attachment in this email to view the meeting minutes.

At the upcoming Member Learning we will be hearing about what one of our new venture teams is doing to incorporate global engineering on campus. They look forward to hearing your thoughts and questions.

See you at member learning (6-7pm) and group huddle (7-8pm) on Tuesday in Agriculture 1E79!

Staying Connected While at Conference

Hello all! 

From Friday, January 10th to Monday January 14th, the Engineers Without Borders National Conference will be taking place in Calgary, Alberta, and several people from the USask chapter will be attending. 

In order to facilitate sharing of learning and ideas, as well as provide a chance for those at home to ask questions related to Conference discussion, I present: 

“Conference 2013 Sharing of Question, Insights, Ideas and Awesomeness!”

It is a Google doc ?which provides a platform on which EWBers associated with the USask chapter can connect and share.

Check out the doc at

Hope to see your ideas and questions!

Newsletter – Jan. 8

Happy New Year EWBers! Here is what’s new with the University of Saskatchewan Chapter of EWB:

  1. Member Learning
  2. Conference
  3. Spectrum
  4. Coffee
  5. BBQ

Member Learning

Member Learning is starting up again today at 6pm in Agriculture 1E79. Come out to decide on a chapter vision for systemic innovation and prepare for the upcoming conference. This session will be useful for all members.


Some chapter members will be heading to EWB’s annual conference this weekend. Get excited for them to bring back some great new ideas!


Cameco’s Spectrum is January 17th-20th. We are still looking for volunteers to help run the concession and work at our booth. Email Erin at if you would like to volunteer.


We will be selling Fairtrade coffee in the Engineering building starting the week of Janurary 21. Bring your reusable mug!


The weekly Friday BBQs will be starting up on January 27th. Get excited for some tasty burgers!

Junior Fellowship

Engineers Without Borders is accepting applications for the 2013 Junior Fellowship program. We’re looking for students with problem solving skills, an entrepreneurial attitude, and a commitment to learning, and who are returning to school in 2013 – 2014. You don’t need to be in Engineering, and previous overseas experience is not required.

There are any number of programs designed to help you develop “leadership skills”. The Junior Fellowship by EWB Canada isn’t one of them. It is:
Six months of preparation in the most advanced, immersive learning environment in Canada.
Four months leading change in Africa within EWB’s systemic change ventures.
Eight months of leadership back in Canada, tapping into a global network of social innovators.

As a Junior Fellow you’ll be working at the intersection of poverty, systemic change, innovation, and education, an experience that will open doors to experiences and insights you can’t even imagine yet. You’ll gain the knowledge, perspective, and understanding that you need to better define your world and how you want to change it. It’s learning to lead, and leading to learn, all while creating positive, systemic change that unlocks human potential. And the entire experience is free – the EWB USask Chapter will help you fundraise to cover the costs. We don’t believe that money should be an obstacle to skills development for young, talented leaders focused on social change.

For more information visit, email Erin at, or come by Browsers to chat with one of USask’s past Junior Fellows on Thursday from 12 – 1:30, Friday from 1:30 – 3, or next Tuesday (Oct 23) from 3 – 5.

Applications are due Friday, October 26th and can be found at