Junior Fellowship in International Development

2013 Junior Fellows

Thank you to our 2 Junior Fellows (JFs), James Wattam and Brett Smith, who worked in Malawi and Ghana, respectively.

Read from James’ blog here and Brett’s blog here.

Junior Fellowship Program in International Development

The Junior Fellowship Program includes a four month volunteer placement overseas. This program is open to EWB chapter members who will be returning to their chapter for at least one year following their summer abroad. While the four month placement overseas is the highlight for many, the program also includes the completion of learning modules prior to going overseas, a week-long pre-departure training, and a commitment to sharing their experiences and lessons learned with their community and chapter upon their return.

The Goal

These placements offer an introduction to development and a rigorous leadership training to members. They are as much about building great leaders and providing members with their first exposure to development work as they are about having impact overseas. We understand that four months is a short time to have a lasting impact overseas – ;while our volunteers will have some impact in the community in which they work, their greatest impact will be in their home community and at their university upon their return. Through talking about what they learned and experienced with people here in Canada, they will play an integral role in raising awareness about the urgent need for development overseas.

Who Should Apply

We are looking for applicants who:

  • have a proven commitment to excellence
  • are committed to building a better world
  • have the ability and inclination to assume leadership positions
  • are committed to taking on a leadership role in their chapter upon return
  • are excited to promote learning about development in Canada and share their experiences with others
  • have a thorough understanding of the principles of good development
  • demonstrate strong problem solving skills

We encourage engineering and non-engineering students alike to apply for these positions as well as people with no previous experience overseas. Applications are made through the university chapters—if interested please talk to your chapter team leaders.  It is not necessary that you are already involved with EWB.

For more information and to apply, go here. Application submissions will be accepted September 30th to October 25th, 2013.